Diwali wishes – 2008

Wishing all you and your loved ones a very colourful, bright and happy Diwali.  Am back in Singapore in the morning after a short one week trip back home to Hyderabad.

Every trip to Hyderabad opens a new perspective of how the city is developing by leaps and bounds. And then, i happened to fly through Chennai (Madras).  Trust me, the Chennai airport is nothing better than a garbage dump.  Its worse than a bus terminal in some remote part of India.  The airport stinks, the floor is unclean, the toilets smelly.  Its everything a metro airport shouldnt be. And, then I stayed overnight at the airport as i had to catch a connecting Kingfisher flight to Hyderabad in the morning.  Not only did i battle sleep sitting on the chairs at the Chennai airport, but i also had a running battle with the mosquitoes.

…and then you touch down at the new Hyderabad airport (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – RGIA) and its a charm.  You almost feel as if you have touched down at some airport in Europe / US.  Its beautiful, breezy, great customer service, lots of greenery and natural light, no hangers on and touts wanting to offer you their services as it happens in Chennai and a long queue of taxis waiting to take you to the city.  Awesome.

Have taken some pictures on my new Nikon camera (ya, finally).  Will upload them to flickr and share it here.

More to come…