The bloodbath continues…

The one picture on the website of Huffingtonpost sums up the crisis the world markets, wall street is in.  Bush has in his 8 years of Presidency not only ruined America, but also the world economy.

I wont be surprised if the BSE Sensex hits the lower circuit breaker at least once today.

Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered – A wall street saying


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  • clancop

    It wasn’t Republicans, but Democrats that blocked efforts to supervise Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac. In 2003, Bush wanted it, 2004, House Republicans were pushing for it, 2005, McCain took one final swing, but Democrats said no to supervision because they believed nothing was wrong. Also, Bush isn’t to blame for all our economic woes, especially with the IT collapse, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc. I suggest you read my posts on this

    P.S. quoting the Huffington Post is a bad sign if you want to appear fair and balanced. Grab your sources from all over the spectrum, not simply those pushing far-left dribble.

  • sarkywoman

    I eat my words. Looks like we aren’t de-coupled from the US economy yet. (Guess that was just wishful thinking.)

    Anyway, Bush should be given an award. He’s managed to ruin the World through war AND the economy.

  • JB

    Whether or not Bush is directly at fault is a complicated question. However, it DID happen on his watch.

    Trillions wasted on a war, further deregulation of the economy, a philosophy built around more money for the wealthy……the guy is in it up to his neck. He’s been there for 8 long years!

    Why would anyone try and excuse this idiot.

  • hotspur666

    If you get your information from the American
    Mainstream Media, might as well take it all
    from the Pravda…or Al Jazeera.

    It’s all lies all the time in support of
    conquering Islam.

  • Liju Philip

    @rjjrdq, the wall street cats ate all the cream. the rest of the world didnt even get the crumbs.

    @Clancop, what was Bush doing for the past 8 years then? The got the country into 2 major wars which never seem to be ending. The world is a more dangerous place today and couple with it is the screwed up economy.

    @Euroasiangirl 🙂

    @Dinu, am sure the book would be a blockbuster 😉

    @Jwojdylo, ya blame everyone except Bush 😉

    @Sarky, it will take a long long time for any decoupling to take place, if it will. I believe we are getting more and more interconnected between countries.

    @JB, true. I wonder at the cheek of Bush supporters who can blame everything except him for the mess we are in today.

    @Hotspur666, what’s Islam got to do with the economic mess? It was oil politics that made Bush invade Iraq.