Jaane Tu, The Dark Knight – Reviews

Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Naa

One thing that beats me completely is how can someone as perfectionist as Aamir Khan give nod to a lousy script as this one.  And how can someone like Abbas Tyrewala who has written some solid scripts like Maqbool and Munnabhai think of making a movie on this.

Honestly, had a lot of expectations from the movie considering the fact that it was an Aamir Khan production with such a solid assembly of technicians. Everything in the movie is great except the script.  Imran Khan is not your typical hero, Genelia is bubbly, vibrant and emotes well.  Surely she is one of the better prospects in the industry than bimbos like Katrina, Bipasha, Aishwarya etc.

Or then maybe i was too engrossed with wifey sitting beside me that i lost the plot of the movie.  Anyways, not a great prospect from the reputed Aamir Khan productions.  Better luck next time.

My rating:  (**) 2/5

The Dark Knight – Batman

Well, what should i say about the movie that hasnt been told before.  You can watch the movie for just one person, Heath Ledger. His Joker is creepy, violent, sadistic and sends a chill down your spine with his antics. Batman, unlike other superheroes has a dark side to him unlike the goody goody Superman.  And Christopher Nolan has exploited the same to the hilt.  Though the movie has a lot of messy and confusing sub plots, its a compelling watch.  A bit on the longer side, still surely one of the best big budget movie to come out of Hollywood in years. Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent is too good.  But his transformation at the end was not so convincing.

Christian Bale as Batman is ok, but he is completely overshadowed by the Joker.  Sad, we will miss Heath Ledger. I havent watched Brokeback Mountain.  Believe, its time for me to go through his entire filmography and catch up on what i missed out.

But the icing on the cake?  I watched The Dark Knight in Prasad IMAX at Hyderabad (one of the biggest 3-D IMAX screen in the world).  And the experience.  Fabulous.  Simply mindblowing.  The ariel shots of Gotham city, the entire stunt sequence in Hong Kong…., they have to be seen in IMAX to be believed.

My rating (****.5)  4.5/5

Above pictures courtesy: Santabanta, Warner bros