So many movies…so less time

So, the D-day is here. Will it be Imraan or Harman? Would be too busy this weekend or else would have wanted to catch Jaane Tu.  Or maybe i will watch it on my India trip. The songs of Jaane Tu are far better than Love Story 2050.  Bollywood doesnt have a great history when it comes to either sci-fi or even movies loaded with special effects.  So, i do believe that Love Story is on a sticky wicket here. Also Harman Harry Baweja is a past master of B-grade movies. Abbas Tyrewala, the director of Jaane Tu is a newbie. He’s a storywriter turned director. He’s on an equally weak wicket.

Schools and colleges across the country have opened and youngsters would be thronging at the theatres to catch both of them. Am sure the girls would be rooting for the chocolate faced Imraan.  Though i do find Harman to be a better actor going by the promos.

But one thing is for sure.  Both movies are going to open big. What would work in favour of Jaane Tu is its small budget.  And if Love Story doesn’t have a great opening and if the reviews come out bad, then Harry Baweja ka baand baj jayegaa.

And then, the baap of all movies is releasing on 17th July.  The bus stops in Singapore were plastered this morning with the poster of “The Dark Knight”.  Man, it just blew my mind.  Am a big Batman fan.  And i thought Batman Begins was probably the best in its class.  This is another movie i can hopefully catch in India.