Final Fortnight

Just 15 days to go and the mind has started playing its games. Its actually a strange mix of excitement and nervousness. The final days of my bachelorhood are here. It feels strange that my status will finally change after 32 years. Am sure its going to be an interesting 2nd half of my life.  Honestly, am itching to get started.

Met up with a couple of friends over dinner on Friday.  As we lazed at the beach watching the waves and the ships in the background, my friends mercilessly kept ribbing me over my soon to be ex-single life. It was good fun.  Both of them are married and it was good to hear their experiences.  We went for dinner at a Kerala restaurant.  It was a funny bachelor’s party as hardly any booze flowed.  All of us had just one glass of beer each keeping in mind the tradition.  As one was working the next morning and the other was driving, none wanted to increase the intake of alcohol.  And i love such a scenario. Cost effective too, u see 😉

My colleagues and friends are so surprised that my wedding is close by and iam so cool with no visible stress signs. They dont realise that all the tension of arranging stuff for my wedding has been outsourced to my parents and brother back home.  All i need is to do is to just laze my way into the wedding.  Will shop for my clothes in Hyderabad.  Clothes are damn costly in Singapore and also there is not much choice unlike in India.  Unless i want to shop for brands, which i dont.  Anyway the stuff you buy for the wedding just rots away in the cupboard once the D day is over.  That’s why i love the whole concept in Europe and America where people like to rent their suits, tuxedo, wedding gown etc for the day.  That’s very cost-effective.

Meanwhile, an interaction with Nandan Nilekani, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Infosys on CNBC’s “Young Turks Tutorial”.  I cant seem to be able embed the video.  Click on the links here and here to watch it.  Quite a nice watch.


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  • Sachin

    marriage is the best thing which can happen to an individual ………one of the best movement of anybody’s life……. congrats man………have a nice married life……. 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

  • Poonam Sharma

    Best wishes when you open a new chapter of your life. Don’t stop blogging after you get married, will be eagerly waiting to her about your wedded life.. 🙂

    I noticed that you blogrolled me, Thanks!

  • Manpreet

    Good luck, I agree with Sachin that marriage is a wonderful thing to happen to an individual.
    I was looking at your blog three days back and looked at that ticker and recalled when you had put that up. 🙂 How time flies by !!!
    God bless you both. Keep blogging, I m sure you will have wonderful things to share about a new life, a new companion, a new soul-mate.

  • arvind

    congrats…wish u a great second phase of life … 😉
    enjoy the final few days of bachelor life 😛 ..
    keep updating as every body said .. 😉

  • Liju Philip

    @Sachin, thanks 🙂

    @Amit, oh yeah i will publish a book later, on my experiences 😉

    @Poonam, thanks. Sure, will keep blogging. No stopping this habit.

    @QI, Dinu, Arvind, thanks.

    @Manpreet, its 3 months since my engagement. Time has really flown. Especially June. Thanks for all the wishes. Cheers.

  • M.K. George

    Wish you all the best for a Happy Married Life, may all your dreams come true. 13 days to go.

  • aakansha

    That is what my son is doing. They are all renting the tuxes and gown. It is the way to go. Hope the 2nd half of you life is prosperous.
    Maybe I will get as lucky someday before their is no time left to spend with anyone.

  • Liju Philip

    @Ottayan, Manoj, Ramya, thanks 🙂

    @Aakansha, it will take time for perceptions to change. Maybe a few years down the road, it will be norm too. Thanks for the wishes. Dont worry, am sure you will find one soon too 🙂

  • kipet

    marriage is big step – my very best wishes to you and your future husband! i wish you love, luck, and joy! kipet

  • kipet

    @liju: uuups! sorry, my mistake! 🙂

    but anyway – love, luck, and joy is something for men, too, isn’t it?! 😉

    @poonam: exactly, that DP made me go wrong! … and stupid european me, i am not too familiar with indian names … 😉