Weekend movies

Have been watching a lot of movies these past few days.  Went to the library on Friday and picked up 4 more movies and watched them over the weekend.  Still got a few more to go.  A friend lent me his collection of the Godfather movie series (Part 1, 2 and 3).  Haven’t found time to watch them.  Then there are tons of books to read that i have collected over the years.  Some spring cleaning bought them out of the dusty cupboards. Cant believe that i spent so much of money on books that are idling away in some corner of the bookshelves.

Rebel without a cause

My rating **** (4/5)

You dont mess with the Zohan

My rating * (1/5)

Tomorrow we move (French)

My rating ** (2/5)

Return of Magnificient Seven

My rating ** (2/5)

The Towering Inferno

My rating **** (4/5)


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