8 million Firefox3 downloads in 24 hours – World Record

…and iam a part of the record.  See my certificate (click on the image for a bigger pic) for my involvement in the project 😉  Firefox 3 is indeed faster than the previous version.  Some add ons are not working, but its only natural that over a period of time those will also be upgraded.  Firefox 3 still hogs the memory though.  I had 3 windows of Firefox open, each with more than 10 tabs open and it was using up 210MB of my system’s memory.  But i still feel that my system is working faster after the upgrade.  A few websites still cause my Firefox to crash, but i believe its because of the faulty coding of the website.  I had the same problems with IE and also previous versions of Firefox.

Verdict:   Firefox rocks… Internet Explorer sucks.