Indiana Jones – Review

Saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Harrison Ford is old, but he is back for one final adventure. We are sure not to see Ford play the role again, but looks like Spielberg and Lucas have found their next in line to keep the franchise alive.

I dont want to give out the story, cos there is not much to say about the story in an Indy movie. Its an adventure after another where Indy comes out victorious without a scratch. But boy, Ford does some cool stunts yet again. Some of the stunts like the one on the motorbike is quite good. Special mention to the cinematography, its top notch.

I admit that iam biased toward this franchise, so anything i say might be taken as my exuberance and wanting to overlook the flaws. So, i will keep my advise to myself 😉 But still, watch it, its probably the last time you will watch Harrison Ford wear that hat again. Who doesnt want to hear the signature tune that plays when Indy comes on screen. Yay.

My rating: *** 3/5

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