2 months to D-day

Its more than a month since i got engaged. Have 60 more days to my marriage. Wish i could have a counter on the blog that will remind me of the countdown. The countdown to the end of my bachelorhood. The end of my freedom 😉

Its precisely why i wanted a break in between the engagement and the marriage. 3 months is a good time. It allows for affection to start building up and by the time you start missing each other, its perfect time to get married. At least the intervening period leaves both of us with some time for introspection. Think and reminisce about the great bachelor days we had. Fantasise about the great days we might have in the future. And also get ready for the petty fights and tensions that might creep up in the relation inadvertently.

More than 7 years of a bachelor living, all alone, away from my family in distant Singapore has conditioned my mind to a certain type of thinking. Over that, i have been living alone for more than 3 years now. I have a whole house to myself. I have no problems walking around naked, sleeping wherever i like (on the couch, bed and sometimes on the floor too). Fortunately, i dont have the habit of throwing the wet towel on the bed (an oft mentioned reason for a fight between partners). Iam a firm believer in keeping things in their right places. Other than a few books, which would be strewn around, am pretty much an organised person.

Other than that there are not much vices. I don’t drink, smoke, gamble or womanise. And ya, that does mean that i manage to save quite a good portion of my salary. Probably my only weakness is the fact that i buy a lot of books and have a constant look at the stock market and am always reading up stuff that would help me save more and multiply it.

Most of my friends believe that living alone means that i have a very colourful life. But trust me, i probably live the most boring life you would have ever encountered. Friday evenings after work are for gym or a movie all alone or i just go back home, do the laundry, watch TV, surf net, have dinner and retire to bed early. Saturdays, i cook, clean, catch up on sleep or visit some friends or watch a movie/sports on TV. Sundays fly by before i can even realise. Its more than 4 years since i stepped into a pub/disco and more than a year since i even had a sip of a beer. That explains. Its not that i have never done it. There have been times when i smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. Just that i have left those days far behind.

Am so accustomed to living alone that i would need some time to adjust and be able to share my private space with someone special. It would take time, but i hope to give it my best shot. Living alone has made me independent, confident and capable of making my own decisions, which am sure wouldn’t have been possible had i been staying with my family. So, its an advise i give anyone who asks, to stay alone, away from the family. You start to develop new facets of your personality. Makes you grow as a person. Try it out sometime.

If you are asking if iam excited? Of course, iam. Everyone marries at least once in their life time and am also going to experience it. There is some nervousness and excitement. A mixed feeling. No one has seen the future, so i rather not comment. But ya, i hope everything works out for the best.

Meanwhile, i keep my fingers crossed.


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  • IdliDosa

    your boring weekends will be history in 2 months time 🙂 my advise (mememi thoputhumaraalu kaadu…but free kada :D)…don’t think about it alot. let things happen naturally. the more you think about things..the more complicated they look. personal experience.

  • dinu

    Hey wishing u all the best…

    and beautiful thoughts.. most beautiful post from u that I’ve read so far.. expecting more …

  • Ottayan

    My advice – disregard everything you heard about married life.:)

    Congratulations and all the best wishes.

    BTW, I think you should get drunk – just to get a perspective on marriage. 🙂


  • chintam

    Wishing you a beautiful life ahead –

    You wouldn’t lose any of that independence that you seem to love excepting that you should be willing to take collective decisions(keep her informed) more often.

    You’ll have some relief doing the household chores as you’ll have someone to share and all that boring days will become a thing of the past.

    You wouldn’t have to stop walking around naked(believe so). There will be a few things each of us get irritated about very easily(it just happens), as long as that list from either side is as short as possible and each is ready to make amends to that effect for some one they love, it should be fine.

    Otherwise petty things/squabbles should only be seen as adding spice to the married life and also helping to have better understanding between the two.

    The only time things drastically change is when it is time to have children, which again is a beautiful thing happening separately – but that is still further away.

  • Liju Philip

    @Ramya, ya i will find more things to do for sure on wkends. Thanks for the advice. Dont worry, you are the experienced one, so you are my guru 😀

    @Chittaranjan, thanks buddy. That’s a great link. Lemme c how i can integrate it into the blog.

    @Dinu, thanks. Hope the future posts are as optimistic as this one..hehehe. Updated the blogroll. Sorry, have been thinking of doing it for a while, but am a lazy bum u see 😉

    @Ottayan, thanks for the wishes. Yup, i think i need to be sloshed up at least once before i get married. Who knows such an opportunity will arise in future or not 😛

    @Chintam, thanks buddy. Will keep all your advice in mind. Cheers.

  • Amit

    Hey. All the best. 😀
    Thankfully your Saturdays and Sundays won’t be as boring as they are right now. 🙂
    And yes, living without your family makes you very independent and everyone should try it once in a lifetime.
    But what happens when you go back to live with them? Is it not a little difficult to adjust? I am asking this because I too am living outside for the past 4 years and would be going back home soon.

  • Liju Philip

    @Akhil, Sachin, thanku thanku 🙂

    @Amit, thanks. Dunno yaar what i will do if and when i go back home. Whether i can adjust or not. Do share your experience with us. Too much of independence might create a rift.

    @Krishna, Thank u.

    @Sagarika, Thank u. Hey sorry yaar, cannot find your comment there. I checked thru the spam messages too, but cant find it there either. Can you repost? Thanks.

  • Sachin

    Hey, something is wrong……. i get ur feed in google reader. today morning i got 10 new updates which where not related to ur site…… it is directing me to his url ……….


    do u have any idea where is the porblem , is ur feed bugged or the problem is on my side ???

  • Liju Philip

    @Sachin, am not sure. Btw, the link that you gave points to the home page of wordpress. Are you still getting the updates even when iam not putting up a new post?

    @Sagarika, oh ok. Thanks. Will wait to read that on your blog. Btw, i never got a chance to ride the Hyd MMTS. Btw, what happened to ur other blog Sarkywoman?

  • sagarika

    IPE is the name of my MBA Institute, thought it would be nice to name my blog in honor of it. But, somehow, it didn’t sound right. So, it’s back to sarkywoman now.

  • Manpreet

    Good Luck with your new life. I didnt know a bachelor went thru so many emotions. So, this was highly enlightening. I thought the jitters for the changes in things were reserved for girls.
    But I foresee a very happy life for a person so sensitive to so many things.

    My sincerest wishes

  • Liju Philip

    @Sagarika, so you are an IPE student. A friend of mine passed out of that college too long back. He’s was working with Sony Singapore, then moved to Accenture in Bangalore and is now in Dubai, working for Emirates. Wishing you too all the luck. Cheers.

    @Manpreet, thanks for visiting. Yup, there is not much difference in the jitters that a goes thru a guy and a girl’s minds. Just that guys hardly like to document it in a public domain 😉 Thanks for the wishes.