WTF – Bhajji Sree slap fest

The real reason for the fight between Sreesanth and Harbhajan, as per the funniest website in India. The rediff message boards. (Click on the above picture for a bigger version)

But honestly, there was nothing more funny than watching Sreesanth cry on TV. The boy who stared and had verbal clashes with everyone from Hayden to Ponting to Andre Nel to Symonds is sure to be ripped apart in the future tours by the opposition.

As for Bhajji, well its time someone bans him for a while. Or else we will have another moron like Shoaib Akhthar on our hands.


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  • lazybug

    Hahaha…I cld not believe it till I saw him crying on TV. Poor fellow. May be he asked Bhajji what time it was…the match usually ends at 12 u know. 😉

  • Amit

    Oh!!! I missed it. 😐 But yes, I was laughing when I heard about it. Guess, I would have fallen off the couch if I would have seen it. 😀

  • aniche

    come on, it was one the most moving moments in sporting history. moved me right to the next room where my sledgehammer was.

  • Liju Philip

    @Akhil, i thought the 12 o clock stuff was supposed to be afternoons. Has it been shifted to the midnight too now? 😉

    @Chittaranjan, actually the new breaking news was the slapping stuff. So, no change. Its still breaking news. Sigh.

    @Amit, even i missed it. After the first team’s batting, i slept. Only to wake up in the morning to read about the tamasha. Dont worry, there are lots of videos on youtube about the stuff. Watch and enjoy.

    @JB, hot water? Bhajji needs to have his butt kicked now. Iam not a great fan of sledging, but then any form of physical violence against anyone on the field must be stamped down ruthlessly. I dont mind even a life ban for the bugger now.

    @Aniche, wonder why you never used the sledgehammer against either one of them 😛

  • Chittaranjan

    Its still ‘Breaking News’ today! (and I was talking abt the WWE Lhali previously)

    Are there any videos of the ‘actual’ slap? Coz news items today say Bhajji has been suspended on ‘video evidence’

  • Liju Philip

    We should throw Bhajji in front of the Great Khali….hehehe. Btw, all videos are of Sree crying. Though lalit modi says that there is some footage of Bhajji’s slap.

    I cant seem to find any in youtube. Hope something will surface soon.

  • arvind

    11 matches ban for harbhajan.. .. now the australians will think harbhajan did call hayeden monkey 😛
    and yeah it was funny ot see sreeshant crying…but he is sensitive i guess 😀

  • Liju Philip

    @Dinsan, never knew that Sree was such a cry baby 😉

    @Arvind, good to hear that. Someone needed to kick his butt. Hope the BCCI will also ban him for at least 10 more matches.

  • Indian Homemaker

    Harbhajan needed a more severe reprimand, he has made it look like he might have actually called Hayden ‘Monkey’, and that makes all of us who supported him wonder if we were right in supporting him.
    Cricket is not Boxing and too many of this sort of incidents might discourage good players. How can they play well in such stressful situations. And do you know how old Sreesant is?

  • Liju Philip

    @Suda, hahaha…that’s true.

    @Hoemmaker, yup Bhajji is now embarrassed each and everyone who supported him during that monekygate episode. Think Sreesanth is 25 yrs old but with the mind of a 10 year old. Another idiot who should also have been kicked out.

  • Indian Homemaker

    Philip What if the one who is slapped is not able to fight back (physically smaller built, timid, gentle, mild tempered)? I think Sreesanth is only eighteen or nineteen, which is very young. Violence and bullying is uncivilised. I do not admire what Sreesanth did but maybe he felt helpless because he could not fight back? If he was a woman many of us would have sympathized, just because he is a young boy it is considered a shame for him to cry. I feel bad for him! He’s just a kid.