Symonds' fastest hundred in vain

Its 3 down for the Deccan Chargers already. Not sure if they will be able to even reach the semi finals. The Chargers are likely to lose out on a few good players towards the end of the season as they go back to serve their respective countries.

Still cant believe, what makes Laxman think that he is fit for T20 kind of matches. I have huge respect for him, but honestly, i rather see him bat down the order like Dhoni does for the Chennai Super Kings. My ideal batting line up would be

RP Singh
and the rest

Since every bowler is gonna get a pasting, the Deccan Chargers rather have more part time spinners like Afridi, Symonds, Gibbs who can push through the 20 overs fast. And when they bat, give hell to the opposition bowlers. Hope some miracle happens now and the DC win the rest of the matches.