Deccan Chargers Cheerleaders

Is this the reason why Deccan Chargers lost both its opening matches?

Pictures courtesy: Great Andhra


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  • Chintam

    and looks like they are losing the 3rd one in row despite their > 200 score – R Royals at 81/1 are looking good. Let’s see?

    Whether this is the reason or opposition being stronger? I guess the later.

  • Aasim

    Naa……………the cheerleaders of the Redskins are cheering for Bangalore. I dunno where these cheerleaders are from!

  • Liju Philip

    @Chittaranjan, the Chennai ones look like Kollywood imports 😉 Need to check out Mallya’s girls now. Ahem.

    @Chintam, yup 3rd loss in a row ;(

    @Gona, Acid, Aasim, i have no clue on where these cheerleaders are from. Maybe you guys can let us know.

  • gona

    well deccan chargers should start a link letting us know cheerleaders bio’s in stuff……just like nfl teams or any other professional teams who do show off there cheerleaders online

  • b.o.b ki maa ki

    these adorable people are from sydney.laxman does’nt know to manage a team,they need to clear the differences before they lose to another less powered side.Or the franchise has to sell the girls .
    i like the brunette though~!!

  • Liju Philip

    @Gona, true, the Deccan Chargers website sucks and sucks big time. Forget the cheer leaders, there is no good videos or pictures of their players and the matches they played.

    @Bobkimaaki – ask the DC people if they are willing to sell the brunette to you 😉

    @Akhil, ya luks like Laxman is concentrating on the girls the most. No wonder his batting, fielding and his overall decision making sucks so badly.

  • ARP

    I watched deccan mumbai match at d.y patil stadium at vashi had got 1000 buck ticket which was left to pavillion there were these four cheerleaders one of em was short with black hair plz plz some one show mercy give me link to her im crazy bout her plz any information bout her plz let me know plz i beg u guyz any i mean any possible link to her mail me at

  • dan

    They are mostly from sydney and some from melbourne australia.. they cheer for the melbourne storm, st george dragons and the west tigers. Ones my girlfriend 🙂

  • Liju Philip

    @ARP, in love with the cheerleader? Well, why dont you approach her yourself and pass her your contacts. All the best 🙂

    @Dan, your GF?

    @Chittaranjan, oh yeah…lotsa broken hearts 😉

  • dan

    nah its the blonde one….. hah.. hard to describe because they are mostly blonde. There are two twins both blonde quite tall. Mine is one of those.. the hotter one! hahaah
    and your not getting the brunettes email cos its way too creepy, plus she has a boyfriend.. sorry to break it to you mate

  • dan

    second photo. one with the face covered half up is my gf . her sister is to HER left. twins

    yes i know im lucky

  • Andy

    One of the cheerleader frm the deccan chargers are frm melb…..she is one of my co-workers daughter

  • Jin

    Yo Dan…stop giving em shit. that girl is my girlfriend….Her name’s Alice and she’s from Canberra. I met her in the states. she used to work at hooters

  • guyfrmmel

    dan,jin n ny other guy who claims to b havin a relationship with ny of the cheerleaders….hate to break it to you guys but i ws in hyd during the ipl n a mate of mine worked with the team…sources say gibbs,styris n a few others have been with these girls….im hopin nt with ur “claimed” grl frnds…

  • sharad