The only reason why i watch CNN – Monita Rajpal

monita rajpal

I dont really fancy CNN. I have always been a BBC person. Maybe its because of my affinity to anything British. But sometimes, i just switch to CNN and wait to see if Monita Rajpal comes online.

And ya, she is quite yummy 😉


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  • isiaka

    Hi monita, u are d only cnn anchor that i always used to watch during interview. Then one thing is cer tain your e-mail add. and your phone no. here is my e-mail add is on top.

  • JJ

    Who is this girl??? she is beautiful! Still, we don’t have CNN international here in the US. 🙁 But she is really beautiful, yes she is.

  • Iliyasu Abubakar

    Monita is really naturally beautiful. She made me develop interest in watching Cable Network News. I most confess that the first thing-on the screen-is Monita, then her program.

  • Sadeq

    the style of presenting the news at the cnn are most attactive then the other presenter. and the monita make it mostly the different touch to have the news through her presentation style. good luck for the future ……………………………………………

  • Payne Charles

    Hi Monita do u know u are the most beatiful female creature on the universe.I just get mad when you are on screen.Infact i always put on cnn very early to see u that is in Cameroon.Nice eye brows lips well shaped sexy eyes,sexy smile infact a perfect gate.I love you very much.Please this is my phone number can you please do me a favour by giving me a ring(237)77627206
    or you email me your number i will email love you.Charlie

  • Hassan

    Hay monita you are the most beauitiful girl i have ever seen its true .I m in real love with u . I was just mad for watching u. Ur beautiful cheeks ,lips .And i love ur hair .I JUST WANT TO KISS YOU .Muuuh

  • Ibrahim, M. N.

    Hi Monita!
    I really appreciate your presentations. I watch CNN just to see you anchoring. You need thank God for the beauty in you. Please send me your e-mail and phone number via my e-mail.

  • Fernandes

    Wow! Finally I´ve finally found someone that gives the true importancy to Monita! I also think she´s beautifull! I like her eyes, lips and most of all, her hair! I´ve been dreaming about her for many years of my life since I was a teenager! When I saw her on the first time I stopped staring at the TV for about 20 minutes without moving. Congratulations to this guy that give me the oportunity to express my admiration for! We have to praise her!rsrsr

  • Vijay Gautam

    Dear Monita you are the best.Because of you Iuse to on my tv very early morning if you are not there I use to switch on bbc for sally bundock.God bless you Regards

  • simon shaba

    The first time i saw you on cnn anchoring program,i fell in love with you.Tell me,are you married?

  • Adegbe Stephen Maji


    U’re such a wonderful woman. Your beauty alone keeps me with cnn whenever you’re anchoring on cnn. U’re beautiful.

  • Sudesh Kumar Rajpal (Walia)

    Realy I am proud of her being a Rajpal I can say God bless her on every movement and Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh to Monita Rajpal. Her profession is very hard and challenging. I am happy RAJPAL prevails in journalism on every where on CNN or BBC