Jodhaa Akbar – Review

Pehla Nasha, Baazi, the Oscar nominated Lagaan, Swades and now Jodhaa Akbar. Ashutosh Gowariker has bet his career and money on movies that he believes in. Okay, ignore the first two movies as a learning curve, but starting from Lagaan, you just wonder at the passion and intensity that goes into his movies.


Now for the question that everyone wants to know. Is Jodhaa Akbar (JA), India’s answer to Troy or Braveheart? Naah. Let’s be realistic. You cant make such movies for $10 million. The budget of JA wouldn’t even cover the remuneration that Brad Pitt takes for one movie.

See the movie in isolation, and its nothing but, a brilliant piece of art. The detailing that has gone into the movie, the costumes, sets, the magnificence of the palaces, the jewellery that the protagonists wear. Everything is top class. Akbar speaks chaste urdu (thank God for the english subtitles) and Jodhaa speaks hindi. The music by AR Rahman is brilliant. Especially Khwaja Mere, Jashn e bahara and Azeem O Shaan Sehehanshah (magnificent choreography).


Hrithik Roshan is brilliant as Akbar. Aishwarya is good. At least doesn’t giggle silly like she does in other movies. The support cast is as usual good like in all Ashutosh’s movies. Special mention about the cinematography of the movie by Kiran Deohans. Its of international standards.

My rating **** (4/5). Must Watch.

Above pictures courtesy: SantaBanta