am back…


A picture of the Charminar in Hyderabad taken on my O2 XDA phone.

Am back from probably one of my worst trips back home. My father was ill most of the time and i was immobilized with a severe backache for almost 5 days. Coupled with it, i had a very bad throat infection. Hardly had any time to go out. The only silver lining was the visit by my sister during Christmas.

…and the icing on the cake? On my arrival in Singapore, i discovered to my horror that one of my bag was missing. All my new clothes, books, the tit bits that my mom had so lovingly packed, a parcel that i was supposed to pass on to a friend here in Singapore….all of it is in that bag. I lodged a formal “missing baggage” complaint and came home.

I hope they manage to locate my bag. Am keeping my fingers crossed. More about the trip and my impressions of Hyderabad and India in general in the posts to follow. As of now, am dead tired. Good night.