8 random facts about me

Had been tagged by Dinsan some time ago. Pretty late in the day, but couldn’t resist myself doing this 😉

1. Am a potty reader. Ya, i do spend time on the throne everyday, reading through practically any book, magazine, newspapers etc that i can lay my hands on.

2. I can cook reasonably well. I spend a lot of time on the net looking for recipes, buying the ingredients and try out cooking. I dont restrict myself to Indian food. I can cook Italian and Chinese too. Though i have never tried to bake. Its one skill that i plan to hone in the new year.

3. I can multi-task easily without strain. During college, i used to go for manual typewriter classes, then college, then NIIT @ Liberty, then computerdrome and finally reach home at 11pm, have dinner, sleep and repeat the routine again the next day. I did this effortlessly for 2 years. In fact, i never understood why my mother kicked up such a fuss about my packed schedule.

4. I got 920 rank in the first ever MBA-CET exam conducted by Osmania university in 1995. But i couldnt join as i had failed in the Organic Chemistry paper in my final year degree. By the time the revaluation results declared me passed, the admissions for the MBA had closed. I nursed a secret desire to do my MBA at any cost some day in my life. I joined IGNOU to do my MBA here in Singapore, even though the cost is more than 10 times of what i would have paid had i did the course in India.

5. I suffer from Aqua phobia (fear of water). I can’t swim to save my life. Its ironical because am a Scorpio and water is the element supposed to be associated with my sun sign.

6. I take some time to make up a decision. But once i do, its pretty impossible for anyone to wean me away. It doesnt matter that the decision can be detrimental to my own interests. Its precisely why i dont succumb to impulse buying.

7. Every woman/girl i have known closely, has accused me of being a ‘lady killer‘ or someone with a ‘glib tongue‘. Some even told me that, they believed, that i would try to bed them. But they were also very surprised that no matter how long or intimately i knew them, i never touched them physically.

8. I have a weakness for older women. I was once in love with a divorcee. She was elder to me by almost 20 years. I wanted to marry her. But when i became too obsessed with her, she just disappeared for good. Another one was my computer lecturer. I have blogged about her earlier.

Hmmm….who should i tag? How about Akhil. 😉