Malaysian Indians look at LTTE

With the Malaysian minister asking TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi to lay off from his country’s mess, its nothing but double standards by the Malaysian government. If that’s the reason, why does Malaysia make so much noise about the situation in Myanmar and why does it espouse the Palestine cause and the muslim case around the world?

Typical double standards of a country reeking of mediocrity is what makes up Malaysia. Its probably the only country in the world where the majority has reservations to compete against the minority in its own country. The majority Malay Bumiputras ( so called ‘sons of soil’) are given unfair rights in the economy and political sphere. The minority Chinese are financially well off and control the economy of Malaysia. Its only the Indians who are marginalised and who’se rights have been trampled upon and discriminated against.

The bubbly has burst, and the myth of multi culturalism of Malaysia has been exposed now. After being unable to gain their rights the legitimate way, the Indians in Malaysia have now taken to the streets in protest. As usual, the government refuses to see reason and wants to crush the protests by invoking the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

No wonder, the new reports point to the fact the Malaysian Indians are now looking at probably the world’s most deadly terrorist organisation, LTTE to fight for their rights. Its indeed sad if the LTTE gets involved. They are probably one of the most underrated and most destructive terrorist organisation with unlimited money, weapons and highly trained killers at their disposal.

What it would mean to the stability of South East Asia is something that needs to be seen. Probably Malaysia would prove to be an even more unstable and dangerous situation than what is happening currently in Myanmar.

Angry ethnic Indians who marched in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday to protest race-based discrimination in Malaysia carried portraits of Mahatma Gandhi as a symbol of their non-violent struggle. “But if their genuine grievances continue to be ignored, (Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers leader) Velupillai Prabakaran could soon replace Gandhi as their inspiration,” warns P. Ramasamy, former professor of history at University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

In an interview to DNA from Singapore, Ramasamy, who was appointed by the LTTE to its Constitutional Affairs Committee in 2003, connected the dots that link the Tamil diaspora in Malaysia (which accounts for most of the Indian population there) to the Tamil Eelam movement in Sri Lanka.

“They have been knocking their heads on the wall for so long, that some form of radicalisation has already happened.” Militant views are not yet being publicly articulated, “but they are frequently voiced in private gatherings,” he notes.
It is in this context that the Tamil diaspora’s solidarity with the LTTE assumes significance. Ramasamy notes that Tamils in Malaysia are active contributors to the Tamil Eelam cause.

“Indians in Malaysia are very sympathetic to Prabakaran, and Tamil newspapers valorise Prabakaran,” adds Kuppusamy.

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