Tata-ISRO team to launch hydrogen car in 2008

BMW already has it, so has Mercedes-Benz. The technology for a hydrogen car is already present in the market for years. But what needs to be studied is if the cost of a hydrogen car can be bought down to manageable levels. TATA Motors is already working on a Rs 1 lakh car (approx USD 2500). But does it have the technology to build a cheaper car, powered by hydrogen, for mass consumption is the crux of the matter. We do live in interesting times 😉

bmw hydrogen car

Automobile major Tata Motors and space agency Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are gearing up to launch the prototype of the world’s cleanest car that will run on hydrogen and emit a mere wispy trail of water vapour. Making this announcement in Bangalore on Thursday, ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair said that the car would roll out early next year.Nair said that an agreement for the pilot project to see whether hydrogen can be used as fuel for automobiles had been signed and work had already commenced on the project. He said that ISRO is working with the Tatas and, if all goes well, the car will be rolled out in early 2008.

This car will have engine as it will be completely electricity-driven, and hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen will be combined in the fuel cell to produce electricity that will propel the car. The car will also have hydrogen storage and regulatory control systems, Nair added.

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