England kicked out of Euro-2008

I have always maintained this. “The day an English team wins either the football or cricket world cup, i will run naked on the roads“. So confident am i that this will never ever happen.


England is a crap team (both cricket and football). Except the sucky English press, who are more adept in writing about the royal family’s affairs, no one else in the world believes that the English team is worth even winning against the minnows.

Thank God, we will be spared the stupid theatrics of the English press when the Euro-2008 happens next year.

For the first time ever a British newspaper wrote the truth. The below mentioned lines were taken from The Sun newspaper

USELESS, pathetic, insipid, spineless, desperate, rubbish and all those other words we are not allowed to print in the nation’s favourite newspaper. England are the joke of European football.


Above picture source: TheSun