Happy Birthday


Ahem, its my birthday today (19 November). Ya, another year older. Another year wiser (is it?). Another year closer to death. Whatever. I took off from work today and tomorrow. For what? I really don’t know. I have some leaves to clear, so chose this day to clear them off. Also my toe has not yet healed and i still walk with a slight limp. So, the 2 day off has come at an appropriate time for me to rest and relax at home.

Meanwhile, a random search threw up some interesting information about the people i share my birthday with. Never realized that i shared my birthday with such impressive set of people. Will i ever be able to achieve even one percent of what these people have achieved? Well, lets leave that to time.

A list of people who have the honour of sharing their birthdays with me include 😉

Jodie FosterActor
Indira Gandhi Former Prime Minister of India
Sushmita SenMiss Universe 1994
Calvin KleinFashion Designer
Ted TurnerOwns CNN, Time Warner
Larry KingTalk show host on CNN
Jack WelchFormer CEO of General Electric
Meg RyanActor
Peter F DruckerManagement Guru

Meanwhile, other than the R&R, i have booked for myself a nice massage, dinner and finally a late night movie. All by myself. Ya, sometimes we do need to reward ourselves. Afterall, i have achieved all my targets for the year, much in advance 😉

Above picture courtesy: YahooAmericanGreetings