Christmas Template

On my way back home from gym today, happened to see a few shopping malls already doing up their interiors and exteriors with Christmas decoration. That’s when it stuck that there is just a month to go. How time flies. Back home in Hyderabad, the temperature would have dipped by now and winter would have set in just around Diwali. Here in Singapore, there is only one season the whole year. Tropical. So Christmas or Ramzan or Chinese New Year or Diwali…every day looks and feels the same.

To get myself into the mood for Christmas, i thought of changing the template of the blog. That’s when i stumbled upon this one.

Another year is almost over. Think its time for me to start writing reviews of all that happened and all that i did this year. The year has been pretty good for me. Not so much professionally, but financially i managed to reach almost all my targets well before schedule. More in the next 2 months, I will write about the best movies, books, incidents, achievements and the rest of the stuff that happened.

But, as of now, am sleepy 😉