Narendra Modi – The butcher of Gujarat

narendra modi

Read the explosive article by Tehelka on how Narendra Modi planned, executed the riots in Gujarat post the Godhra train fire. How he let the mobs run free for 3 full days killing, maiming muslims and raping their women, children and systematically burning/destroying their business and economic activity.

As the Supreme Court observed, “Narendra Modi played the perfect Nero who fiddled while Gujarat burnt“. Shameless, unable to take the repeated pointed questions from Karan Thapar, he excused himself from the interview on “Devil’s Advocate“. If you see the video, you can see the guilt on his face. Will it make him repent and accept his part in the holocaust he perpetrated in Gujarat? Well, the Indian politician is made of thick skin, and he/she has never been known to accept their mistakes.

Rajiv Gandhi and his cronies went unpunished for the thousands of Sikhs who were massacared post Indira Gandhi’s killing. Bal Thackeray still lords over Mumbai inspite of instigating riots in Mumbai which led to the Bombay bomb blasts. And we have Lal Kishan Advani who was the chief conspirator behind the demolition of the Babri Masjid, which led to large scale riots all over India. And, today he is planning to become the Prime Minister again.

Will all these criminals ever be bought to justice? Well, Rajiv Gandhi met his. We wait for the rest of the justice to be played out.


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  • take action

    I think people of India and Indian diaspora can do something beyond just discussing this in egroups and blogs.

    The Tehelka tapes confirm the crimes of the Gujarat RSS/BJP/VHP leadership. They should not get away with this.

    The RSS/BJP/VHP leadership is not directly tainted by this. Nor are the other parties of the NDA coalition, some of which still support them.

    So consider the possibility of thousands or millions of people sending letters, faxes (and in the worst case emails as they are often ignored)
    saying to Advani/Vajpayee/Jaitley/etc. (the BJP national leadership) that you better denounce the tainted leaders of your party in Gujarat or be ready to show your real face to rest of India.

    Yes, Mr. Modi led his party to victory in Gujarat after the 2002 incident. But one should not forget that the NDA lost after that.

    So if the rest of the country and the good Gujuratis tell Mr. Advani/Vajpayee/Jaitley/etc. in no uncertain terms that this is a second chance to them. In 2002 they wiggled out but now the Tehelka tapes show the truth and if they (Mr. Advani/Vajpayee/Jaitley/) do not want to be clubbed together with Mr. mass murderer Modi then they should immediately suspend all the tainted leaders of Gujarat from their party.

    Here are some links:

    For lazy people here are some emails of bjp and nda bigwigs:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Some Addresses:

    Address A-302, Laplaz, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) Tel. (0522) 220909
    Present Address 6-A, Krishna Menon Marg, New Delhi-110011

    Address : 30 Prithvi Raj Road, New Delhi – 110 003 INDIA
    Phone No. : 011-23794124, 011-23794125
    Fax No. : 011-23017419
    E-mail :

    Rajnath Singh:

    BJP members of Lok Sabha:

    BJP Members of Rajya Sabha:


    Let us spread the word in Internet sphere (blogs, emails, yahoo groups etc. etc.). Let millions of people write and fax to Vajpayee and Advani and lets see if they come to their senses and throw these killers out of their party and coalition.


    If one sends an email, for more impact, one may cc to the news paper editors. Here is a list. That way the news paper editors can maintain a count of how many people are writing to Vajpayee and Advani and the reaction of Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Advani will tell all of India whether they are party to the killing (by condoning it) or they are real statesman which they project themselves to be.

    Emails of editors of some Indian media:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hemant

    but this same people also think 9/11 was a jewish plot and the islamist terrorist had nothing to do with it

  • Sayed M Ahmad

    Instead of trying to ide the misdeeds you have to accept what cowards have done, with the help of govt the have committed genocide. They should be punished or let us punish them. And for Mr.Hemant don’t try to twist the matter, thanks that they are not those people who were making false CD is UP elections by roping in actors, becuase they do not have anything real to show.

  • Dr M Swarup

    Nationale Democratische Partij Nederland
    On 27th October 2007 I saw news about “Remove Modi” demand Indian American Organisations.
    It is work of enemies of India. We can simply call them Modern “MirZafers”.

    I do not want to talk about discrimination in America or in India on the color , of caste basis.
    We must also see what is the condition of Kashmiris Pundits in Kashmir and those who had to leave Kashmir.

    As a N.R.I we must see and think , who is to be blamed.
    People those who started trouble they are to be blamed.
    Action and reaction is natural.

    Religion is based on Imagination. One can Imagine it is Raining on sun.
    We are slave of Ideas for example Lord Christ and Prophet Mohammed came and the result we see people are not only following them but also trying their level best to bring others into their religion.

    It is open fact that Mr Modi is one of the best administrator of modern time that is why Gujrat state has become one of the best developed state.
    In the Last we appreciate that whatever president bush is doing on global basis on the name of democracy and global peace the same thing Mr Narendra Modi had done on Local Bases.

    Dr M. Swarup

    We all know that lord has parent hence we can easily say Long Live Lord Bush and Long live Lord Narendra Modi.

    In the service of humanity and global peace
    Dr M. Swarup
    (President, Nationale Democratische Partij Nederland)

    1st : World Religion
    2nd: International Children Welfare Society, Nederland

    also see :- Politics and Peace for Global Peace

  • Nikus

    If, in front of camera, I claim, I am husband of Deepika Padukone, does that make me husband of Deepika Padukone? There is a well laid process of confession. Even court does not believe in confession in police custody.
    I have tried to visit Tehalka site. The site sponsors are Sabnam Hashmi, Teesta Shetalvad ( khan…) etc. They even publish article about Rahul Gandhi. You should not believe Outlook and Tehalka.
    Modi was definitely inactive during the riot. But, then he had no other way. Large section of Gujrati Society was involved. Some claims looked funny. Siv Sena have even accumulated rocket launchers- from where they get this. Gujrat and MP is not the place where it is manufactured.

  • suhail Ali Khan

    plz hang modi and all BJP senior leaders, this is my request from my juditiory(supreme court).

  • gujarati

    suhail ali khan,
    yes. we are at u r command we will do as u say u a$$h$$$

    take action,
    yeas. people of gujarat r going to take action. they r going to reelect him and there is nothing u can do about it.

  • Not a Gujarati

    I am not a Gujarati but praying god to create more Modis for India.

    Liju, It is not right to call Mr. Modi a butcher. As a CM he did what he could. I think if someone else were in his position, the number of Muslim deaths would have been 3 to 4 folds more. The death of innocent women and children in Godhra train carnage had caused so much of resentment among hindus that Muslims should feel consent that only 2000 of their people died.

    Mr. Modi is corrupt free and his focus on development of gujrat is amazing. India needs more Modis and Minorities should realize that they are not in Saudi/Islamic states to enforce their agenda of Sharia and islamic state.

    One last thing I have seen :
    ” When Muslims are minority, they tend towards Secularism and when they are in Majority their only agenda is conversions, Sharia and establishing Islamic state.”

    I still belive that the death of innocents(hindus or muslims) is not right. The people who started the carnage should be purged…..

  • AnIndianMuslim

    Gujrat Election – Modi’s Hinduism and Muslims


    Question: Why the person like Modi got elected again by the people of Gujrat ?
    Answer: Because today “the people of Gujrat” have firm belief in Modi, his policies, his actions and his words.

    But, it also means something else to the innocent people who were “burned alive” and “innocent lives which were destroyed before the birth” under the rule of the same administration, where Mr. Narendra Modi was holding the most powerful position in the state of Gujrat.

    What has happened today, Dec 23, 2007 is not a matter of surprise because
    Those who believe in the message of hate have won again,
    those who believe the Modi version of hindu faith won again, and
    those who believe in killing innocent lives have won again.

    Can a society be such a heartless ?
    Can modi version of Hindu faith be such a crual ?
    Does the Gujratis or Gujrati society as a whole social organization, believe that burning or killing the Muslims and their children is an act of their victory ?
    Do you approve the acts of Modi, the person who endorses the burning of the Men, the women and their children alive, because of their religious faith ? In a country which claims the protection of all the faiths, a country which claims the respect for all the faiths.
    Do you approve that the looting of the wealth of the neighbour is an act of pride ?
    Do you approve that the insulting the women or making comments on the women is the matter of pride or Is it a social norm of the society ?
    Shouldn’t the law of land be respected ???
    Why not, “the Law” be given the highest position in this social structure?
    Why the law enforcement agency is unfair towards Muslims as even today innocent Muslims are behind the bars and there is no justice for them as they have not been proven guilty yet ?
    How can such a system could provide the fair justice to everyone ?

    Insha Allah(By the will of Almighty, the greatest power of the universe), I hope a better time will certainly going to come in future when “THE LAW OF THE LAND” will be respected by all
    and “JUSTICE” will be served by “THE LAW OF THE LAND” AND NOT BY “THE LAW BREAKERS” .

  • Modi Bhakta

    “Do you approve the acts of Modi, the person who endorses the burning of the Men, the women and their children alive, because of their religious faith ? In a country which claims the protection of all the faiths, a country which claims the respect for all the faiths.”

    Thats a damn good question, and I hope you have answers to it. Remind me in 1947 who were the people who insulted Hindus ? Attrocities happening against Hindus in bangladesh are commited by whom? After 1978 whatever injustice took place in pakistan against Hindus is done by whom? In recent time Kashmiri Pandits had to flee from there homeland due to terrorism represented by a certain faith/religion. So my friend, what Narendra Modi Maharaj who is a great guy has done is an act of justice.

    Na Mo Na Mah

  • Narendra Kumar

    Worry about kashmir and al quaida
    Muslim fanatics burn train …Hindu fanatics go on rampange… eqqually bad

    Media demonising modi…. the worst travesity of truth!

  • Indian Homemaker

    These comments are so sad and shocking!
    Is Modi punishing Muslim citizens of India to teach a foreign country (Bangladesh) a lesson for their un-secular policies by adopting similar policies himself?
    Or is he letting them be killed and burnt alive to teach a lesson to the perpetrators of the riots in 1947?
    And are you admitting that Modi, did allow all these killings of Indian citizens in Gujrat (Muslim women and children)?
    Is material gain, economic policies and administration more important than life, peace and justice ?
    When you give power to a monster thinking he will protect you, you forget, he is after all a monster, after he has finished eating all the rest, he will eat you.

    Here is a poem that is well-known, frequently quoted, and is a popular model for describing the dangers of political apathy, as it often begins with specific and targeted fear and hatred which soon escalates out of control. It applies to all of us, citizens of India, also.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.

  • Sunil

    Riots in Gujarat have been happening since ages. Records speak for itself that there have been more loss of life & property in the past then in 2002. Its just that for the first time in the history of Gujarat riots, the loss has been more on the other side of the community which is why a lot of people in India, particularly Media & Congress party is Surprised or Shocked.

    Media & Congress has left no stone unturned to demolish the reputation of this great leader. I use to work in Ahmedabad in 2002 & even during peak riots our office was closed just for 1/2 hour that too as a precautionary measure.

    To understand what is Gujarat or what happened in Gujarat, one needs to be in Gujarat; not necessarily a Gujarati. I have lived in Gujarat for 34 years and seen most of these riots and in particular the negative role played by Media. I wish to nominate Indian Media and in particular NDTV for a grammy award for best Negative role.

    Its good fortune of Gujarat to have a leader like Modi who has guts to go against the system, his own party and make changes. His vision & efforts is paying off today in form of growth & development.

    Those advocating removal & hanging Modi needs to go & visit Gujarat (just visit – Sarkhej, Ahmedabad) before they make comments here.

    As regards to Karan Thapar’s interview, Modi did the right thing. Thapar is an arrogant & insensitive. He has million mental blocks, is always hell bound to prove his point & doesn’t know what to speak & where to pause. See his interviews with Jaswant Singh or Imran Khan for that matter. He is pretending to be an Indian Larry King.

    Lastly, If we can’t keep everyone happy within our own small circle (be it family or workplace), how do we expect Mr Modi to keep all 5 crore gujaratis happy at the same time?

    Take your media glasses off and see things through the eyes of people of Gujarat who has given their verdict by re-electing him. Should he decide to contest again in Gujarat, he might be the only CM in India to win for the 4th time.

  • Liju Philip

    @Sunil, no one is discounting the great work he has done on the economic front. Does that give him the license to unleash his goons on the hapless people?

    Would you reel off the same statistics after your wife/mother/sister was raped by mobs?

    There can be no justification for any form of violence against anyone.

  • Liju Philip

    @Homemaker, so very true. The day the monster starts to eat the same people who support it, they will realise the mistake they did in supporting him.

  • mihir

    where is the prrof of Mr. Modi being culprit?
    just because media alleges can one be termed as a criminal?
    this is like trying to prove the point by repeteadly and loudly missrepresenting it.
    there is a commission of inquiery on the issue and is allowed to function transperently and some times even unduely pressurised by some so called NGOs .
    perhaps this is the strongest public leader since Sardar Patel. he has enimies within and every where arround though he performs at the best.
    i think everyone should have faith in the judiciary and wait for the findings of the legal prossidings.
    I would request all the readers having biased against modi to treat the whole issue on the grounds of equivallance for all politicians.
    we can not have correct opinion on any thing unless we are honest enough to look at the issue in an unbiased way.

  • maradya bharatm.

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  • atta

    This Butcher Modi should be taken to International Tribunal. Be is a criminal of Humanity. If Saddam Hussein is hanged for killing 148 innocent civilians, then why not Modi.
    Modi is like cancer, the earlier we treat this cancer the better it is for our country.

  • Ex-christian

    Needless to prove in the despicable shit part of India where corruption is rampant with their corrupted judges and back benches who imbide bribery the rest part of their lives. The court would try him and release with a garland of merit for his atrocities and butcheries. He looks lewd and displays a face of culprit on the media. No wonder why crueties is his mode of life and how he is named and is a demon in disguise. He should resign and peddle gobi and alu muttur for his survival.

  • ashi

    great work from all of u.ser kate to hamare kate,ab kahtey ho ke chaman hamara nahi.1000 years of killing, looting, raping and so on.mind u mostly other religion peopel in india are converted.

  • ameen

    i jus hate dis guy… he’s a bastard.. ne bettr word for modi… n wat shame he’ s been elected again.. who no’s he mite hav picked up ppl to vote fr him… d violence he created can nevr b forgotten… he should b kicked out of dis country.. bastard


    Why Modi became butcher who made him so……

    few muslims made a plan to burn a train compartment full of kar sevaks….
    Many hindus wher burnt alive with no big reason…
    In revenge of godra …..many muslims became the victim.

    One should think again…from where it begun and where it reached,.

    we all comunity must learn a lesson from this incident a small spark can get into a big fire.
    this incident should not be reapeted by any one …

    why hitler became so devil..once he saw some juis were commiting crime on germons and he madeup his mind to teach lesson…and history is witness..what happened to juis in ww-ii

    for god shake do not do anything wrong from ur side think within u donot do from urside…world will live peacefully. problem starts from within oneself….

  • shahul

    most of the hindus all over the world were still beleiving that “sabarmathi express” was lighted by muslims.why they are ademently not in a position toaccept after seeing reports given by
    2.investigation by irf-laloo prasad
    3.senoir judges
    all the above state that “it is not possible to supply such a mass of fuel from outside,and during investigation the vhp,rss,bajrangdal were given different stories but on same location and situation.