Narendra Modi – The butcher of Gujarat

narendra modi

Read the explosive article by Tehelka on how Narendra Modi planned, executed the riots in Gujarat post the Godhra train fire. How he let the mobs run free for 3 full days killing, maiming muslims and raping their women, children and systematically burning/destroying their business and economic activity.

As the Supreme Court observed, “Narendra Modi played the perfect Nero who fiddled while Gujarat burnt“. Shameless, unable to take the repeated pointed questions from Karan Thapar, he excused himself from the interview on “Devil’s Advocate“. If you see the video, you can see the guilt on his face. Will it make him repent and accept his part in the holocaust he perpetrated in Gujarat? Well, the Indian politician is made of thick skin, and he/she has never been known to accept their mistakes.

Rajiv Gandhi and his cronies went unpunished for the thousands of Sikhs who were massacared post Indira Gandhi’s killing. Bal Thackeray still lords over Mumbai inspite of instigating riots in Mumbai which led to the Bombay bomb blasts. And we have Lal Kishan Advani who was the chief conspirator behind the demolition of the Babri Masjid, which led to large scale riots all over India. And, today he is planning to become the Prime Minister again.

Will all these criminals ever be bought to justice? Well, Rajiv Gandhi met his. We wait for the rest of the justice to be played out.