Benazir Bhutto survives to tell the tale

benazir bhutto

The God that Benazir Bhutto prays to is too kind on her. Looking at the television pictures of the carnage caused by the suicide bomber on her motorcade, its simply a miracle as to how she survived. Its going to be a long and bloody battle between the moderates in the political sphere and the majority of the army that is Talibanised and sympathises with Al-Qaeda’s brand of religious terrorism.

As for India, an unstable Pakistan is the worst thing to happen. India will be keeping its fingers crossed hoping that the democratic forces win over the extremists in Pakistan. Hope elections happen and a strong national government comes to power that has the mandate of the people to rid the country off extremism.

For more ideas, they can just look beyond the border into Punjab. How a determined government under the leadership of Late Chief Minister Beant Singh and his police chief KPS Gill ruthlesslely went after the Sikh militants demanding Khalistan and bought peace and stability to the state. Yup, there will be a lot of collateral damage. But its a damage that needs to be borne by the Pakistani society for their children to have a better future.

Its going to a long long war and would be interesting to see who blinks first? Musharraf or the rogue elements in the Pakistani army and Al-Qaeda. As for India, it can only fortify its borders and wait and watch as events unfold.