Racism in Cricket? Read the damning Aussie report

The noise coming out of the Australian cricket camp over its star Andrew Symonds being taunted by “monkey chants” during last week’s one-day international in Vadodara seems a bit over the top—when you consider the startling contents of an Australian government backed report that was released today.

Racial abuse is prevalent across the sporting world of Australia, including its cricket grounds, says the report titled ‘ What’s the Score? A survey of cultural diversity and racism in Australian sport’ that was released today by Australia’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC).

On Australian cricket, the report points to “racial sledging” of South African cricketers who “were referred to as kaffirs by a small section of spectators” at Perth in December 2005. It says that cricketers from Sri Lanka were “subjected to calls of ‘black c——’ at Adelaide, and adds that an ICC security official was punched by spectators in Melbourne.

A small sample of the report further states:

there was a racist outburst on international television by former Australian Test batsman Dean Jones in August 2006. Jones was sacked from his job as a television commentator after referring to South African Muslim batsman Hashim Amla as a terrorist”. Amla is a devout Muslim who wears a beard for religious reasons and has successfully negotiated with the South African team’s main sponsors, SA Breweries, not to wear the Castle Lager logo on his playing and practice gear.

Read the full report of the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission here. It surely doesn’t make for a pleasant reading about a ‘so-called’ developed nation.

Meanwhile Ratnakar Shetty, who is also the BCCI’s Chief Administrative Officer, added: “I was present in Vadodara during the match, and the noise from the crowd was deafening. I don’t understand how you could make out monkey noises from all that. What is this monkey noise, anyway? Or Mr Andrew Symonds should report to us exactly what was said to him. Then, it makes sense. But he has not done that, either.”

Well, i believe Mr Andrew Symonds has now become a Gandhian, or else, what does explain his silence and quotes of ‘let’s just move on‘? There couldn’t have been a worse time for Aussies for the report to come out. 😉