Rowling sues Durga pooja pandal

jk rowling
The author of famous Potter series J K Rowling has filed a copyright violation case in the Delhi High Court against a Kolkata-based Durga pooja organiser for using statues of the Harry Potter characters without permission. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul issued notice to the pooja committee and sought its reply by October 12, the day pooja begins.

The lawsuit sought a restraint order from the court against the pooja committee at Salt Lake from using Harry Potter characters on the pandal, as it was a clear violation of Rowling’s intellectual property rights, the suit contended. The pandal is designed in a manner which resembles Hogwarts Castle and displays statues of the Potter characters like Hagrid and Hedgewig apart from Potter himself, the suit said.

What crap. I have always maintained that Harry Potter is Indian. His real name is Hari da Puttar. Even our history mentions about this. This is an attempt by the west to bulldoze our 749847893909433 centuries old history. This should be condemned. I call for an all India bandh tomorrow to protest against the west hegemony. We demand an enquiry by a Supreme Court judge into this incident.

Iam planning to meet up with the President of India and submit a formal letter of protest. I hereby declare that all Harry Potter movies be banned in India henceforth until Rowling grovels on her knees and ask for forgiveness for insulting our 749847893909433 centuries old history. Also all Harry Potter movies should now be known as “Hari-da-Puttar and the granite stone“.

Note: Btw, my protest has nothing to do with the fact that i find JK Rowling absolutely sexy and delicious. Yummy…