Sreesanth's Aggression

Another moron from down under, Peter Lalor writes…

IF Andrew Symonds wasn’t such a gentle fellow, India’s Shanthakumaran Sreesanth’s nose would probably be plastered all over his leering face.

WTF. Does Peter Lalor even know what would have happened to the Aussies if Symonds had even touched Sreesanth? The whole 15 memebers of the Aussie team would have gone back home in coffins. Yes, the Indian public would have cut them into pieces and barbecued them.


Am loving this series. No matter who wins, fact is that India has given back to the Aussies in the same plate. In fact look at the way Dhoni has brushed aside each of Sreesanth’s needling of the Aussies as nothing but aggression by a youngster. When the Aussies do, its aggression, then how come they are unable to digest it when the Indians give it back to them?

Typical racist white superiority complex. Go to hell Peter Lalor. Go to hell. I would really like to see this series get into a slug fest. Go India go. Whack the Aussie backsides.