The farce that is Indian Idol

As the Indian Idol-3 reaches its climax, here’s a cool song from the winner of the first ever Indian Idol. Abhijeet Sawant with Junoon.

But, i should admit that iam not a great believer in singing/acting competitions. For me, one is born with such talents. And the best talent reaches its milestone the hard way. Sonu Nigam is a prime example. Maybe such competitions give a better platform for the singers to exhibit their abilities. But then, the whole exercise is skewed, with judges taking sides and regional feelings coming into play during the nationwide voting. At the end, the best never wins the competition. Maybe they should rename the competition “The Popular Indian Idol”.

Though am a great believer in democracy and in the power of the vote. I don’t really have much confidence in the common man’s ability to think beyond petty beliefs when they vote. For example, just look at the idiots who rule our country.