Bombs blasts rock Hyderabad

Another bomb blast in Hyderabad late last night. Fingers have started pointing back to a Beggardesh Bangladesh based terror outfit. After Porkistan Pakistan, we now have Bangladesh based terror outfits that are hell bent on creating havoc. Considering the fact that the birth of Bangladesh has been courtesy our bigheartedness, its indeed distressing to see being stabbed in the back just because they can’t digest our growth.

So, what can we do going about responding to this challenge? A few options are there which can be tried out.

  • Just block all economic movement into Bangladesh. Make sure that they suffer economically. No more free trade with them. Increase the tarrifs to make all Bangladesh imports costlier.
  • The Brahmaputra river normally kills about 10-20 thousand people in Bangladesh annually. Let the Indian govt open the gates of all the dams built over the river upstream and flood Bangladesh. Flood the plains of Bangladesh and once their harvest is drowned in water, they will come begging to us.
  • Bangladesh already has lots of internal strife. India can add fuel to the fire and fan the flames.

The right way of dealing with terror is to raise the cost of ‘generating terror’. To make it so costly for the country/entity that is promoting terror that they should be terrified of the consequences.

But our dear old Congress wont do anything. Cos they are so happy with their fucked up policy of “muslim appeasement”. They dont want to oppose the Iranian nuclearisation or have better relations with the US or Israel because of fear of losing the muslim vote. Fuck man. If the muslims are so concerned about Iran, Porkistan Pakistan, Beggardesh Bangladesh, let them go and live there in those rotting conditions. What are they doing in India then?

Why don’t we start off by kicking these people off our land?

As for all the police and intelligence officials who slept over the specific threat information passed to them by the Intelligence Bureau? How do we deal with them? Why don’t we start off by some public executions or some mob lynching of the corrupt policemen/officials.