Now, Salman Khan goes jail


Picture courtesy: SantaBanta

After Sanju baba, its Sallu miyan who goes to jail now. I simply cant stop laughing. Ya, ya, i know i sound mean. But then just a week ago we saw Salman saying that he doesnt know who John Abraham is, who Vivek Oberoi is. He was so haughty that he rejected the attempts of Vivek to apologise for some previous grudge.

Am sure Vivek and John are having the last laugh. Dear Salman, it pays to remember this saying always. “Be good to people on your way up. You will soon meet them on your way down“.

I just hope he doesn’t get any relief in the higher courts and rots in the jail for the next 5 years. Its indeed terrible to see a bloody killer prancing around on the silver screen.

So….who’se next? 😀