Onam is here

Avial, Steaming rice, parippu, pappadam, pickles, Kalan, Thoran, Banana Chips, Payasam, Kichdi…. Yummy. Onam is coming and this is one time i miss my mother’s cooking the most. Every Onam, at home we go vegetarian. My mother makes some of the best mallu vegetarian food i have ever eaten. Some of the best Kerala delicacies. No steel, glass or china crockery that day. Food has to be served on banana leaf. Payasam would be kept in the fridge to chill before eating. Mmmmm….heavenly.

Staying so far away from home, i can only dream of the food. This time, i have decided to cook a few of them. Have downloaded the recipes of a few of them from the net. Even though Onam is on 27th (Monday), i will have a feast at home starting saturday itself. My cooking success or disaster will be mentioned here for sure. Anyway, will call up my mum to ask for some cooking tips.

Onam is a harvest festival. Since its more of a cultural festival, people of every religion have taken to it. Christians as well as Hindus and Muslims celebrate it with gusto. Schools are closed for 10 days vacation after the quarterly exams. Its something on the scale of Christmas in Kerala. Wikipedia has a good writeup on Onam.