Punj Lloyd, Reliance Petroleum & Praj Industries

The regular saying is that you stay away from the market when there is bloodletting all around. But then, some of the best buys can be had when there is the market is on a downswing. You can debate till the cows come home that the sentiment in the market is bearish and hence its better to hold your money.

I truly believe in the “India growth story”. That’s precisely why all my money is invested in India. Though the markets are a bit on the pricier side no doubt, but then no companies in the world are giving you a comparable growth. Companies here are growing 20% year on year. Inspite of the ‘not so great’ infrastructure, we have been clocking in the excess of 8% GDP growth for the past few years. Am sure, with the tons of investment in infrastructure, the growth is only going to be phenomenal.

We are probably at the begining of the growth. Though problems are enormous, they are not insurmountable. We can do it. Just need to have faith in ourselves.


So, i increased my holdings in Reliance Petroleum and for the first time entered the infrastructure space through a small investment in Punj Lloyd. Also an equally small investment in the ethanol/bio fuels company Praj Industries.

PS: A survey conducted by AC Nielsen reported that an astounding 89% of Indians say that they are proud of their culture and would like to be reborn as Indians if it was possible. Read the article here. Cool eh.