My first post

Aha…. its been long time coming. Eventhough i love Rediff’s blog and i have been writing there for more than 3 years now, time has come for me to move to a better blogging platform. The constant problems with the Rediff’s blogsite was irritating the hell out of me. Also when i started to look for an alternative blogging platform, i had both Blogspot as well as WordPress on my mind. I find blogs in WordPress much neater and clear.

I have an inherent hatred for websites that are too heavy and clunky in terms of the content (video, pictures, audio etc) and also garish or dark backgrounds. Anything that strains my eyes will make sure that i will hardly revisit the site. That was the reason why i kept my Rediff blog’s background white. Always.

And ya, i have decided to continue to use the same title for this blog too. I will finally make a clean move to WordPress one day. Till then, i will be probably putting up duplicate posts both here as well as on Rediff. This will be a shadow blog of Rediff till i sort of get used to navigating around. Also am not sure as to how to go about migrating all the stuff from Rediff to this one. Let me check it out. Am a slow learner, hence the longer learning curve.

Its August already. On 15th of this month, India will celebrate her 60 years of independence. To start off, i will spend the whole month updating this blog about stuff on the celebrations, achievements etc.

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